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Science Technology (Hangzhou) Inc.

Surwit Technology Inc. is located in Hangzhou of China and specialized in various chromatographic analysis instruments, spectrometers and relevant data system. 

Surwit Technology was originated from Zhejiang University intelligent information engineering institute.

Surwit integrate the research, development, product, sales and technical services as a whole. 

The main product N2000 chromatogram data system occupies the biggest market share each year, nearly more than 8000 sets yearly, Customers have been reached to 100,000 till 2010.


  • 2017

    N2000+, column oven, injector launched.

  • 2016

    OEM HPLC and GC CDS provided

  • 2015

    Web CDS had been launched.

  • 2014

    Autosampler launched to market. Oversea market expanded to America, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, India, Hungary and other countries.

  • 2012

    LC-10T plus and STI 501 plus updated

  • 2011

    LC-10T HPLC system came to market

  • 2010

    Launched VI2010, first countercharge CDS in China, accord with GMP Certification. Open the oversea market.

  • 2006

    Surwit Technology Inc. set up in Hangzhou, launched the STI501 HPLC System

  • 2003

    Sales of CDS increased to 5000 sets, which the first in China.Import American technology, began to research of Model 500.

  • 1998

    N2000 CDS came out in Analysis Institute of Zhejiang University, first CDS in China.



Growing in the original zhejiang university wisdom of N2000 team under the premise of research and development strength, a new management system and the management idea, more human to the inspection team, efficient organization work, fully implementing regional sales management system, strengthen the company's internal cooperatively and mechanism of regional sales fully authorized.


Based on the original products according to market demand for new N2000 chromatogram workstation, STI - 501 plus high performance liquid chromatograph and upgrade version LC-10 TVP highly effective liquid phase color spectrometer, highlight the product of new quality management concept.


Strengthen the company's after-sales service system, introduced customer service 24 hours response, customer products within 5 working days to solve the problem, as the assessment centre of gravity of after-sales personnel, maximum to meet customer demand.

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