Vietnam experimental instruments / analytical testing equipment and laboratory technology equipment exhibition

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Science Technology (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd. in Vietnam Vietnam Hanoi Wu attended the International Exhibition Center "test instruments / Vietnam detection equipment and laboratory technology and equipment exhibition, the exhibition held in November 6, 2012, ended November 8, 2012. The exhibition is sponsored by Malaysia ECMI exhibition company and the world's second largest exhibition group UBM (United Business Media). It is jointly sponsored by VinLab, Vietnam. It is divided into two pavilions. The 1 pavilions are environmental analysis, a museum is a laboratory, and there are 190 exhibitors.

Science Technology (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd and N2000 liquid chromatography data workstation English version, LC-10Tvp HPLC appearance, and by many exhibitors attention.

N2000 chromatography data workstation is a chromatographic workstation with the largest market share (80% Chinese market share), the strongest compatibility and the highest performance cost ratio in the domestic chromatography data workstation. It has a comprehensive function, user-friendly interface, convenient operation, multi language version, with more than 100 thousand users, and exported to domestic and foreign. N2000 has been widely used in many fields, such as scientific research, chemical analysis, environmental testing, pharmaceutical inspection, food safety and so on. It is favored by the majority of users.