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STI501 prep HPLC System MODEL:STI501

Product Introduction

Quick Details Flow: 0.1-80.0 ml/min Max Pressure: 1500 psi Wavelength Range 190-700 nm Flow pool volume: 10 μ L Optical path: 10 mm Spectral bandwidth: 6 nm Number of Solvent: 1 Brand Name: Surwit Model: STI prep 501 Size: 170H x 260W x 360D, (mm) Weight: (6.3 kg) Certificate:GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008

STI501 Gradient Liquid Chromatograph System Standard Configuration

P501prep Constant flow Pump2 set
UV 501 Detector1 set
Manual injection1 set
Gradient mixer1 set
N2000 Chromatography workstation1 set
Injector1 set
C-18 Chromatography column1 set
Double pump controllers1 set
Backup damper1 set
Injector Holder1 set
Toolkit1 set

STI 501 provides the Piston rod automatic cleaning device, the unique technology in the world, which can reduce the piston rod damage, operate costly and be easily operated. Patent design "float type double piston rod and sealing ring" technology can prolong the service life of the sealing ring.


Infusion waySeries dual-plunger pumpFlow Precision0.1
Flow Rates0.1 ~80.0 ml/minWeight.(6.3 kg)
Pressure0 - 1500 psi

Dimensions170H x 260W x 360D, (mm)

STI UV501 UV-VIS Spectrophotometric Detector

Wavelength190-700 nmSpectral bandwidth6 nm
Wavelength Accuracy≤±1 nmFlow pool volume10 μ L
Wavelength Reproducibility≤± 0.5 nmOptical path10 mm
Dynamic Noise≤±2.5×10-5AU (Methanol, 1ml/min, 254nm, 20°C)Static Noise≤± 1×10-5AU (Empty pool, Response time 1 s, 20 °C)
Dynamic Drifting≤± 2.5×10-4AU (Methanol, 1ml/min, 254nm, 20°C)Static Drifting≤± 1×10-4AU (Empty pool, Response time 1 s, 20 °C)
Qualitative repeatabilityRSD ≤ 0.1%Quantitative repeatabilityRSD ≤ 0.5%
Dimensions160H x 260W x 350 D, (mm)Weight.6kg
Operating Temperature4-40°CMinimum detection concentration≤1×10-8g/mL(Naphthalene/methanol solution)
Linear range≥104