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Product Introduction

SURVEY is the updated version of Clarify, which add the function of account management, program management, also accord with GMP, FDA, 21CFR requirements.

Ensure the data safety on different authority users

SST Fuctions ensure the procession reliability

Audit Trail

Effective Group data process

More user defined templates

Meet GMP, GLP, FDA, 21CFRⅡCertification


 Number of Channels:  2

 Input Voltage:   -2.5V ~ 2.5 V

 Input Resistance:  > 10 MΩ

 Sensitivity of Integration: 1 u V/s

 Minimum resolution: 1 u V

 Dynamic Range:  107

 Linearity: ±0.1 %


Peak Processing

 Number of peaks:  > 1000

 Width of peak:  0.01 s

 Automatic Time Programming

 Manual Integration enabled

 Automatic identification of complex peaks and precise partition of overlapped peak

 Automatic tracing and correcting base line

 Automatically eliminate the affect of negative peak

 Meet the GMP regulation


Methods for Identifying Peak

 Conservative time method

 Components table method

Method for Quantitative Calculation

 1.   Normalized Method,

 2.   Normalized Method with Proportional Factor,

 3.   Internal Standard Method,

 4.   Grouping Method,

 5.   Multiple Internal Standard Method,

 6.   External Standard Method,

 7.   Logarithmic Method.



1.Accord with FDA,GDP, GLP with the IQ


2. Electronic signatures, column efficiency and other columns set up and detailed information can be recorded to support SST function


 3. You can set the type of user role, different roles have different access rights


4. Project management can back up and restore,


5. Increase the anti-control equipment according to customer requirements, the software interface settings, control port and the instrument image can replaced


6. Include three languages, Chinese, English and Japanese, and according to customer can load others


7. win7 win8 32-bit 64-bit operating systems are supported, and can continue to upgrade