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LC6000 Prep HPLC MODEL:LC6000

Product Introduction

The system is integrated design, the mobile phase delivery unit, detection unit and fraction collection unit is integrated in one set of shelves. It is beautiful and generous, the dead volume of the pipe connection is reduced and the column efficiency is significantly improved.

1.The auto-sampler is optional in system

2.Fraction collector valve is standard configuration. The alternative is fraction collector.

3.The flow cell of detector match flow rate of system

4. Sample pump is an optional in the system

P6000 Pump /Max. pressure 

  100ml pump head 30Mpa

  250ml pump head 15Mpa

  500ml pump head 10Mpa

  1000ml pump head 10Mpa

Detector  UV6000 detector/or RI detector
Fraction collector valve  Azura 2.1L, 6 channels or 12 channels
Online filter  48mm or 100mm filter
Sample valve  A1359 sample injection valve
Mixing  Preparative maxing chamber
Frame and tube  System frame, converter, tube
Software  Clarity from DataApex
Kit  System start-up kit and accessories kit
Document  User manual, IQ/OQ/PQ


Dimension  500mm*320mm*700mm
Communication  LAN
System connection  Ferrule
Wetted material  316L and PTFE etc.
Power  Less than 1500W

P6000 PUMP

  0.1~99.9ml /min 30Mpa

  0.1~249.9ml /min 15Mpa

  0.1~499.9ml/min 10Mpa

  0.1~999.9ml/min 10Mpa

Pressure pulsation  1% at 10Mpa
Flow rate accuracy  ±1%
Flow rate reproducibility  RSD≤0.5
Gradient accuracy  ±2%
Pump inlet tube 



Pump outlet tube




Wavelength range   190-400nm, 400-800nm
Band width   8nm
Wavelength accuracy   ±2nm
Wavelength reproducibility  0.4nm
Baseline noise  3x10-5Au
Base line draft  1x10-4Au/h
Flow cell  1/16”, PEEK or SST, optical path 10mm


Valve type  6/12-port multiposition
Valve head material  stainless steel /PEEK
Rotor seal material  vespel
Maximum pressure stability  300bar/150BAR
Capillary connection   1/8”