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LC3000U Semi-prep HPLC MODEL:LC3000U

Product Introduction

LC3000U is an upgraded version of LC3000. It inherits all the advantages of LC3000. And its mainboard upgrades make it more powerful and fault feedback performance enhancements. The housing further optimized to make it more beautiful and applied.

It has the following features. 

1. Add the more instrument parameters meet the requirements of GLP compliant. Such as date of production, installation date, date of last maintenance, total working hours, total delivery liquid, current time using of plunger current lighten time of deuterium or tungsten lamp, lamp usage quantity and so on. The above information cannot be changed by user. The manufacturer can modify and reset them by internal project password. 

2. The function of compression compensation for different solvent ensures gradient repeatability

3. Initialized 10 point calibration for pressure to ensure the linear pressure in whole pressure range

4. The error alarm function, such as over pressure, under pressure, leakage, etc.

5. Support low-pressure gradient mode. The main pump drive gradient organizations to achieve gradient elution 

6. Each device has a unique device identification code to facilitate identification and add of equipment by the computer software. Device identification code contains the type of equipment and a unique IP address.


7. Clarity software meet the requirements of FDA 21 CFR part 11

8. Autosampler and fraction collector available in the configuration based on the software

9. Good operation interface and compatibility

P3000U pump 

Flow rate range  0mL/min-50mL/min
Increment  0.01mL/min
Max. work pressure  30Mpa,0-2ml/min, 40Mp ,2-10ml/min
Pressure pulsation  1% at 10Mpa
Flow rate accuracy   ±0.35%
Flow rate reproducibility  RSD≤ 0.1
Gradient accuracy  ±2%
Power  100 W
Dimension and weight  46.5*31.5*18cm, 11.6KG

UV3000U detector 

Wavelength range  190-400nm, 400-800nm 
Band width   8nm
Wavelength accuracy   ±0.5nm
Wavelength reproducibility  0.1nm
Baseline noise  ±0.2x10-5Au
Base line draft   1x10-4Au/h
Flow cell  1/16”, PEEK or SST, optical path 10mm
Power  100 W
Dimension and weight  46.5*31.5*18cm, 9.5KG


Inner diameter   10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 50mm
Column length  100mm, 150mm, 250mm, 300mm
Packing material particle size  5um,10um
Packing material  From any supplier