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GC99 series MODEL:GC99

Product Introduction

Network communication / analog data port (one out of two), conventional mechanical valve gas circuit control

● petrochemical industry: refinery gas analysis; Simulated distillation;

Oil analysis; Simple hydrocarbon analysis;

Analysis of sulfur and nitrogen compounds;

Gasoline additive analysis;

Fatty hydrocarbon analysis; Aromatics analysis;

Chromatographic analysis of process.

● biochemistry, medicine, health and quarantine:

Estriol determination; Determination of pregnant diol and pregnant triol in urine;

Determination of cholesterol in urine; Analysis of catecholamine metabolites;

Analysis of ethanol, anesthetics and amino acid derivatives in blood;

Analysis of testosterone in blood; Analysis of some volatile drugs.

● food inspection: pesticide residue analysis; Analysis of flavors and fragrances;

Analysis of food additives;

Analysis of volatiles in food packaging materials.

● environmental protection: air pollution analysis

(there are non methane total hydrocarbons, benzene series, toxic and harmful gases,

Gas (sulfide, nitrogen oxide, etc.);

Drinking water analysis (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticide residues, organic solvents, etc.);

Water resources (including organic pollutants in fresh water, seawater and wastewater);

Soil analysis (organic pollutants);

Solid waste analysis

In these fields, gas chromatography has solved the problems of quality inspection, scientific research, pollution detection and production control of intermediates and industrial products in industrial production

★ the advanced 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet communication interface and built-in IP protocol stack are adopted, so that the instrument can easily realize long-distance data transmission through the enterprise's internal LAN and Internet; It facilitates the erection of the laboratory, simplifies the configuration of the laboratory and facilitates the management of analytical data;

★ three independent connection processes are designed inside the instrument, which can be connected to local processing (laboratory site), unit director (such as quality inspection section director, production plant director, etc.) and superior director (such as environmental protection bureau, Technical Supervision Bureau, etc.), so that the unit director and superior director can easily monitor the operation of the instrument and analyze data results in real time;

★ the netchromtm workstation equipped with the instrument can support the work of multiple chromatographs at the same time, realize data processing and anti control, simplify document management, and reduce the user's laboratory investment and operation cost to the greatest extent;

★ the instrument can be connected to the manufacturer through the Internet to realize remote diagnosis, remote program update, etc. (user permission is required);

★ the instrument is equipped with 128 * 64 dot matrix vacuum fluorescent screen with clear display, elegant tone and high-end atmosphere;

★ the system has two sets of operating systems in Chinese and English, which can be switched freely;

★ the temperature control area can be freely named by the user to facilitate the use of the user;

★ the instrument adopts multi processor parallel working mode, which makes the instrument more stable and reliable; A variety of high-performance detectors can be selected, such as FID, TCD, ECD, FPD and NPD. At most three detectors can be installed at the same time to meet the analysis of complex samples. The detector can also be added to facilitate the purchase and installation of other detectors after the instrument is purchased;

★ the instrument adopts modular structure design, with clear design and convenient replacement and upgrading, which protects the effectiveness of investment;

★ the new microcomputer temperature control system has high temperature control accuracy, excellent reliability and anti-interference performance; It has six completely independent temperature control systems, which can realize sixteenth order programmed temperature rise, so that the equipment can be competent for a wider range of sample analysis; With column box automatic rear door opening system, the low temperature control accuracy is improved and the rise / drop speed is faster;

★ the instrument is designed with a timed self start program, which can easily complete the online analysis of gas samples (online automatic sample injection components are required);

★ the chromatograph has built-in 24 bit AD circuit with low noise and high resolution, and has the functions of baseline storage and baseline deduction.

★ the attached workstation is suitable for Chinese and English WinXP, WIN2000, win7, win8 and other operating systems.

★ the chromatographic system with completely independent intellectual property rights has Modbus / TCP standard interface, which can be easily connected with DCS.

★ the instrument can be connected with the automatic sampler produced by many manufacturers at home and abroad; Such as Aoc-20i of Shimadzu and HT series automatic injector of HTA company in Italy;

Main technical indicators:

● operation display: 128 * 64 vacuum fluorescent screen

● temperature control area: 6 channels

● temperature control range: 8 ℃ ~ 400 ℃ above room temperature, increment: 1 ℃, accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃

● temperature programmed order: 8 levels

● lift rate: 0.1 ~ 39 ℃ / min (ordinary type); 0.1 ~80 ℃ / min (high speed type)

● external events: 4 channels

● type of injector: packed column injector and capillary injector are optional

● number of detectors: 1; FID, TCD, optional

● start sample injection: manual and automatic optional

● communication interface: Ethernet: IEEE802.3 or analog data (one out of two)

Hydrogen flame ionization detector(FID)

● detection limit: ≤ 1 × 10-12g / S (n-hexadecane);

● baseline noise: ≤ 5 × 10-14

● baseline drift: ≤ 1 × 10-13A/30min 

● linear range: ≥ 106

Thermal conductivity detector (TCD)

● sensitivity: s ≥ 2500mv • ml / Mg (n-hexadecane)

(magnification 1, 2, 4, 8 times optional)

● baseline noise: ≤ 20 μ V 

● baseline drift: ≤ 30 μ V/30min 

● linear range: ≥ 104

Electron capture (ECD)

● detection limit: ≤ 1 × 10-13g/ml

(propyl hexahexahexane isooctane solution)

● baseline noise: ≤ 0.03mv

● baseline drift: ≤ 0.2mv/30min

● linear range: 103

● radioactive source: 63Ni

Flame luminosity (FPD)

● detection limit: (s) ≤ 5 × 10-11g/s 

(P)≤1 × 10-12g/s;

(methyl parathion anhydrous ethanol solution)

● baseline noise: ≤ 3 × 10-13

● baseline drift: ≤ 2 × 10-12A/30min 

● linear range: p-sulfur ≥ 102, P-PHOSPHORUS ≥ 103


● the organic combination of chromatographic data processing and instrument operation control makes the operation convenient and the interface friendly;

● adopt 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet communication technology; High communication rate, supporting long-distance data transmission and control;

● adopt multithreading technology to realize the simultaneous cooperation of signal acquisition, data processing and user management;

● the unique software architecture realizes the rich configuration of multiple monitoring agents in one system; The use of a small number of instruments

Users can view and manage the analysis results on a single computer; Users with a large number of instruments can be equipped with multiple monitors

Control seats to meet the needs of multiple people working at the same time;

● equipped with analysis result expansion communication interface to support user secondary development and function expansion;

● the unique spectrum peak intelligent identification technology can minimize the spectrum processing parameters that need to be set by the user, which is basically realized

Automatic processing of peak judgment, baseline correction and overlapping peak segmentation;

● unique high fidelity digital filtering algorithm is adopted, which has strong anti-interference ability and can detect and baseline noise

Weak peaks at the same level;

● data processing includes: normalization method, correction normalization method, single point correction method (single point internal standard method, single point external standard method) and multi-point correction method

Point correction method (multi-point internal standard method, multi-point external standard method);

● the workstation supports Modbus / TCP protocol and can easily access DCS to complete DCS processing of analysis results;

● input voltage range: - 2.5V ~ 2.5V; Integral sensitivity: 0.05 μ V·s

● minimum resolution: 1 μ V

● dynamic range: 10-7; Linearity: ± 0.005%

● repeatability: ± 0.005%

● sampling period: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 times / s adjustable