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PCI Setting User Guide

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PCI Setting User Guide


We need to install PCI for the Com of LC-10 Tvp systems.


There are two kinds of PCI, use the one which suits for your pc.


Longer one


Shorter one


Set procedure:


1. Get off the shell, find the location to inset the PCI card

2. Remove the metal sheet on the location

3. Inset the PCI card

4. Turn on PC, and install the driver of PCI

File name: G/Moschip/MCS99XX/your’s system version

5. Remember the com location of each.


Then, connect the instrument and computer.

1) using a serial cable for the hole instrument units directly connected to the computer COM port;

2) Turn on the instrument, after the self-test completed, open software;

3) inside the software system configuration, configure the COM port to the instrument module, and to determine the corresponding relationship;

4) to make a significant mark on the COM port and connecting lines, to avoid confusion.