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Survey Operation Manual

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Survey Operation Manual

Requirements of computer

CPU 2.50GHz,Internal memory 4G

The computer has at least one net port, a USB interface.

Installed Chinese 7/Windows8 Windows 32 bit, 64 bit operating system

Display resolution is recommended as 1440*900


Installation of survey


After link the powerline, the three lights will bright, the other end of singal line has two U style sighnal lines and black start button of trigger lines, has marked as “1” or “2”, as channel 1 and 2 respectively. The red insert spring is positive (+), the blue insert spring is negative. The signal line U is connected with the output signal of the chromatograph by the "connecting pile", and the identification channel number is noted and the polarity of the signal is maintained.

Installation of software

Install the environment of the software, click 

1. Install the environment of the software, click to install the platform

2. Click the Survy to install software,

3. Click to open software.


ClickWindows,Select "control panel" to enter "network and sharing center", click "local connection", enter property to use below IP address:


The last input range is 201-300.

Software operation

Open computer, and inset the key

Double clickto have below window.