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Two channels test

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How self-test two channels working?

Four line includes 1 channel trigger and signal input, channel 2 trigger and signal input four wires


1. Let customers only make N2000 connect to the computer, open the other end of the four-in-line to see how the baseline, under normal situation, would have been the baseline drift or drift lower


2. Four lines allow customers to plug in the N2000, but not connected to the computer, pay attention to the joints positive and negative channels 1 and 2 do not touch each other, observe signal and check the first step in what is the difference, it should be no difference


3. Let the customers connect the positive and negative of channel 1, observe signal if near 0,  to test half an hour and observe whether other abnormalities, should have been in the vicinity of 0mv, no glitches


4. Let customers put a battery (usually about 1.5v) between positive and negative of channel 1, check whether the observed signal in 1488mv, collected half an hour to observe whether other abnormalities, should have been in 1488 near, no glitches


If the positive and negative reversed, the signal should be more than -400 mv


5. Connect the channel 1 positive and negative with the output terminal of the detector, check software signal if same with the instrument signal (there may be different in this case needs to be corrected zero, method is pressing zero on the detector, wait the signal of instrument display as zero and click zero calibration of N2000 quickly), the most important is to observe the change direction and difference if same. 


If consistent, there is no problem.

Otherwise it is not normal


Similar Channel 2can also do the above process.